Device Information

There is only 1 device call Firebase exposes, and it can be used to retrieve information about a single device, such as registration date and subscribed topics.

Device Info


$client = new \Fcm\FcmClient($serverKey, $senderId);

// Remove the second parameter for more basic device information
$info = new \Fcm\Device\Info($deviceId, true);

// Shortcut function:
// $info = $client->deviceInfo($deviceId, true);


Example response:

array(10) {
  'applicationVersion' =>
  string(1) "1"
  'connectDate' =>
  string(10) "2018-08-07"
  'attestStatus' =>
  string(6) "ROOTED"
  'application' =>
  string(27) ""
  'scope' =>
  string(1) "*"
  'authorizedEntity' =>
  string(12) "347372151029"
  'rel' =>
  array(1) {
    'topics' =>
    array(1) {
      'news' =>
      array(1) {
        'addDate' =>
        string(10) "2018-08-07"
  'connectionType' =>
  string(4) "WIFI"
  'appSigner' =>
  string(40) "c5abd4420a7b4844c034fe9c47fcb42234bbf5fe"
  'platform' =>
  string(7) "ANDROID"


This plugin uses the underlying package guzzlehttp - this package is designed to error out if a URL/Link returns a 404 Not Found. However, this can cause the above DeviceInfo to error out at as well. When looking up a deviceID via FCM, if the deviceID does not exist the Google FCM API returns a 404 Not Found with the JSON value {“error”:”No information found about this instance id.”}. The 404 causes guzzlehttp to throw a Fatal Error and exit the script. Obviously, this is a major issue if you are scripting mass deviceID lookups - the first not found ID will exit your script.

To get around this, you can use the http_errors option, see Package Options.

Additionally, once the above modification is applied, you will need your processing script to check for JSON key error to process the proper error message. IE:

$info = new \Fcm\Device\Info($deviceID, true);
$response =  $client->send($info);
if (array_key_exists('error',$response)) {
    // process error info here
} else if (array_key_exists('rel',$response)) {
    // process returned info here
} else {
    // ID exists but is not registered to any topics/groups/etc